Brick Grip is a Xmas gift for hanging your Xmas decorations. It provides an easy and simple solution for attaching your Xmas lights, decorations and wreaths to your brick walls – both inside and outside of the home.

As they are removable you can simply take the Brick Grip products down at the same time as the decorations, leaving no damage or screws in the wall for the rest of the year.

They also provide a huge amount of flexibility as to where you hang the Xmas items. All you need is a raked brick wall.

Select the Brick Grip product that is right for you

Brick Hook

The Brick Hook is the best for hanging on your brick wall either lights or hanging decorations that are have a flat back with a hanging wire.

All Purpose Brick Hanger

The All-Purpose Brick Hanger is best used for anything slightly larger in size such as wreaths a decoration that doesn’t have a hanging wire.

Brick Grip Special

The Brick Grip Special has a mix of both Brick Hooks and the All-Purpose Brick Hangers so will provide versatility in options for your Xmas hanging needs.

Brick Grip is a Xmas gift for hanging your Xmas decorations

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