Brick Grip gets your valuable sporting equipment off the floor, out of the corner and secured safely on the wall.

Have a prized fishing rod you want to show off? Then hang it in a spot inside the house where your friends can see it.

We also know that you take your sporting equipment with you on holidays. As Brick Grip is an easy to remove product range, you can simply remove them from your garage wall and take them with you.

Select the Brick Grip product that is right for you

Surfboard Holder

The Brick Hook has been specially adapted into a surfboard holder – for all surfboard and bodyboard shapes and sizes.

Brick Holder – Larger

Best for Fishing Rods and Paddles (Kayak, SUP) etc.

Brick Holder – Triple

Similar to the Brick Holder large but holds 3 x the number of items.

Brick Holder – Small

Best for hanging skateboards and scooters. The All-Purpose Brick Hanger can also be used.

Brick Hook

Transform your brick wall into a place for games such as darts. A dart board can easily be hung using a Brick Hook.

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