Brick houses are the most common style of houses in Australia but can sometimes look a little bland in the yard. Hanging some beautiful flowering pots, hanging succulents or installing vertical garden walls is a quick and easy way to give your brick wall a simple face lift without breaking the bank.

Match the colours of the flowers to the colour of your bricks to create a harmonious feel between the house and the garden.

Select the Brick Grip product that is right for you

Plant Hanger

The Plant Hanger is best for hanging any pots, macrame or other plant baskets from the wall. The arms on the hanger extend 14cms from the wall so is perfect for larger pots.

All Purpose Brick Hook

The All Purpose Brick Hook will also secure smaller hanging pots and flower baskets. This option is for hanging plants closer to the wall.

Brick Hook

Brick Hooks can be used to secure vertical garden pots, walls and climbers on your brick wall. Creating a simple yet effective look to your house and yard.

Bring The Garden To The Brick Wall With Brick Grip

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