Brick Grip makes installing fairy lights or festoon lights easy. The lights will easily and securely sit in the Brick Hook lock. The means you don’t need to drill or look for any other object to hang your lights from.

Sometimes you might want to hang your fairy lights for Xmas or when you are entertaining only. As the Brick Hooks are removable you can install and remove as often as you like, meaning the lights don’t need to stay out in the elements all year round.

Select the Brick Grip product that is right for you

Brick Hook

The best product in the range to hang lights, the Brick Hook will hold the lights securely against the wall.

All- Purpose Brick Hanger

The All-Purpose Brick Hanger can also be used for light installation. This can be a good option for the beginning of the light installation where there also might a power box to be hung.

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