Home Renovation

Our tradie friends love Brick Grip to help them on site or with home renovations. Installing cables but don’t want to drill into bricks. Or help keep a piping in place one end while they install the other end.

Or they can use it to hang some additional tools from the All Purpose Brick Hanger while they are up the ladder.

Select the Brick Grip product that is right for you

All Purpose Brick Hanger – 5 Pack

Great for holding chords, cables and piping in place. This could be either as a more permanent fixture OR to hang them high off the ground on a more permanent basis. The All Purpose Brick Hanger is also great for hanging additional tools while up a ladder.

Brick Holder – Small 5 Pack

Similar to the All Purpose Brick Hanger, the Brick Holder – Small is also an alternate option to hold in place chords, cables, piping etc in place; on either a temporary or more permanent basis.

Brick Grip is a tradies new best friend, making home renovation easy.

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