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So many times, we hear of our customers who have left their brick wall empty and avoided hanging art, pictures or even a clock onto a brick wall as they were too nervous to drill into the brick. But Brick Grip offers an easy and secure hanging solution. Sometimes our tastes in art changes and unlike drilling into the wall you can be commitment free with Brick Grip as its easy to remove.

Create some romance and ambience in the brick wall space with some hanging candles. Or even hang some shelves to place some candles, candles amongst other items such as your favourite ornaments.

We would recommend using the Brick Hook for anything that is close to the wall – such as pictures, signage, clocks and mirrors.

Select the Brick Grip product that is right for you

Brick Hook

The Brick Hook is perfect for anything that is to be secured close to the wall or has a hanging wire for the hook to attach. Eg pictures, signage, clocks and mirrors.

All Purpose Brick Hanger – 5 Pack 

The All Purpose Brick Hanger has the extended arm for larger items or those that don’t need to be flush against the wall.Great for wreaths, small shelves, wall installations and even birdcages.

Brick Hook Special Pack

The Brick Hook special pack is a great starter kit as it includes both the Brick Hook and the All Purpose Brick Hanger. So provides a variety of hanging solutions to suit all of your creative needs.

Dress up your brick wall with your favourite art. If you can imagine it or create it. Then let Brick Grip secure it.

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