In 2001 Ian Cole and Jack Treacey of Yamba were discussing the frustration of damaging a brick after trying to mount a picture on the wall. Convinced there had to be an easier solution, they looked into other products that didn’t require drills but they found the wall hangers didn’t hold the weight or when bumped would easily fall off the wall. 

Being an inventor and a businessman, the pair joined forces to create the original Brick Grip – a simple brick hook that is easy to install but also secure. They also worked with an engineer to refine the unique design of the wall hanger so that it actually grips onto a brick. 

Ian moved onto new ventures and Jack become the sole owner of the company. Over the next decade Brick Grip won numerous awards including the Northern Rivers Innovation Award and a finalist in the Yellow Pages Business Grants. 

Brick Grip just kept on growing. The town folk of Yamba and other Brick Grip clients came to him with other things they were keen to hang from the wall. So armed with new challenges he evolved the product beyond the initial brick hook and hanger to include a number of other products – the plant hanger, the fishing rod holder, the multi-purpose hook, the surfboard holder and more. 

Today, Brick Grip is still a family run business with manufacturing and warehouses in Yamba, Sydney and Adelaide. All materials are sourced from Australia and all products are 100% Australian manufactured. With its roots in regional Australia, Brick Grip is passionate about supporting the local community. 

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